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Success in any organization starts with having the right talent, then to retain them and finally growing them. “The High Performance Accelerator™” does ALL 3 in a unique and cutting-edge model.

The High Performance Accelerator™ Process

  1. Establish Position Requirements
  2. Search & Selection
  3. Hire & On-boarding + BankstonEQ Integration
  4. Monitor & Measure
  5. High Performance Analysis

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Emotional Intelligence is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.
  • EQ is the #1 predictor of high performance
  • Our process increases performance in already high performing individuals faster - and it is measureable
  • The EQ Assessment was developed by the co-founder of BankstonEQ and later purchased by Target Training, Inc. (TTI), the leading developer of research-based, validated assessment tools to help organizations effectively meet their HR needs

High Performance Accelerated

For more information contact:
Dr. Izzy Justice & A. Michelle Fish, BankstonEQ Founders
(704) 896-2153