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As specialists in the Accounting and Finance discipline, Bankston Partners will help you connect with the area’s top professionals in a way that will deliver powerful results to your bottom line.  We accomplish this through:

Our Relationships:

We have more than just a database; we have long term relationships with clients, consultants, and candidates who represent the top 10% of their specialty.  By cultivating relationships with a deep and diverse candidate pool, we enable our clients to quickly access the right people at the right time while ensuring the right fit culturally.

Our Approach:

Our focus is not just on the narrow view of a single position and skill set, but on how the position functions within the greater team environment and company culture.  We spend extra time up front to analyze and identify the type of person who will prosper within the dynamics of your organization.  Our thorough evaluation process and attention beyond just the resume helps our clients build winning teams and a solid foundation for future success.

Our Process:

When you work with Bankston Partners, you will be assigned a dedicated team of recruiting experts who will design and implement a winning search strategy based upon your unique requirements. Through following our proven recruiting process, The Perfect Hire Solution™ you will realize powerful results that will reduce turnover and maximize opportunities for success.